The beach baskets of Mecklenburg - an oasis of well-being by the sea

The wicker beach baskets were developed in Rostock 125 years ago. Since then, it has been an integral part of the German bathing lifestyle. Because nothing protects better from sun, sand and wind than the decorative classic made of wicker and wood.

Evergreens on White Beaches

The success story of the robust two-piece wooden frame and wickerwork began on the white sandy beaches of Mecklenburg. It has its origins in the wicker armchairs with high backs and sides that basket makers once made to help protect against draughts. With extendable footrests, adjustable backrests, awnings and side tables, they can be found on both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and are as much a part of beach holidays as seaside resorts and fish rolls. The Baltic Sea beach baskets have a rounder shape; the North Sea variant has straight lines.

A favourite spot regardless of the weather

The German-made baskets are so stable and comfortable that you can even enjoy stormy days in them - snuggled up weatherproof in the pure sea air.