Nature's manifold wonders

Two seas, the Alps, uplands, forests, lakes, hiking trails and nature parks – once you get away from the big cities, Germany is a veritable paradise for nature lovers. Here, the things that are worth protecting are preserved, but the country is also breaking new ground in sustainable tourism. Breathe in deep and join us on a journey to Germany’s green oases.

Germany is sustainable

Journey north with us to the Wadden Sea, learn how a German organic pioneer envisages tourism in harmony with nature, and accompany a forester deep into the country’s forests.

A very special sea in northern Germany

There’s nowhere else quite like Germany’s Wadden Sea. The world’s largest contiguous expanse of mudflats, this is a true biotope and can be explored at low tide. Embark on a fascinating tour of discovery with mudflat ranger Dr Petersen-Andresen.

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A German village goes 100% organic

Visionary Sven-Erik Hitzer has achieved what many can only dream of: his recreational paradise in Saxon Switzerland is 100% sustainable.

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Explore the forest ecosystem with a true expert

Even as a six-year-old, Peter Wohlleben knew that he wanted to be a nature conservationist. Now a forester, he positively delights in being known as the ‘tree whisperer’. At his forest academy, he takes you on a thrilling journey of discovery into the German forest.

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You can see more of Germany's green side in our video. Roll the film!

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