From the sea to the mountains: a natural paradise

City trips with a detour to the countryside: two seas and their very different coasts, plus rivers and lakes, lovely valleys and the world of the mountains: Germany's natural landscapes are extraordinarily diverse. They are protected and preserved for the future in 16 national parks and almost 9,000 protected areas. They are a pure oasis for visitors - places where they can take a deep breath, find peace and recharge their batteries. That is also why tourism in Germany is committed to sustainability. Let yourself be inspired by adventures in the countryside that are kind to the environment and inspire your soul.

Germany is Green

Germany's oases can be explored by bicycle or on foot. Whether on the water, in the forest, in 16 national parks and over 100 nature parks, you can get very close to nature. Accommodation and tourist businesses also work sustainably and make happiness become Green.


Clean air, clear water, vast landscapes: Germany's green profile has many facets. Find out more in this clip!

Exciting places in Germany