Flair for mind and soul

Germany means diversity. Every city, every region, every landscape is different and in each one there is an infinite amount of things to discover. Germany's flair can be found in around 25,000 castles and palaces, enjoyed in wonderful Old Towns and can be felt in historical theatres and opera houses as well as countless cultural venues for all genres. And many a gem is found where you least expected it. Look forward to wonderful surprises, let yourself be surprised and enchanted. Come on a journey through Germany, enjoy the flair of an extraordinary place!

Here, where Germany has the most beautiful flair

Germany's cities and regions present themselves in different architectural styles and with a wide range of characteristic cultural events and traditions. This makes it especially interesting to discover the special flair of each area.


Enjoy historic castles and extraordinary places, let music, art and theatre take you to new worlds!

Exciting places in Germany