An atmospheric journey for the senses

Germany is so incredibly varied that it’s always worth getting off the beaten track and going in search of the country’s true soul. You’ll find it in even the unlikeliest and most unusual corners! Germany boasts more castles than you could ever visit in a lifetime, along with enchanting historic city quarters and artistic and cultural riches to delight every taste. Join us on a journey for the senses and get swept up in Germany's unique atmosphere.

Searching out special places

There are countless different sides to Germany. The vast spectrum of different architectural styles and art forms have shaped the country and bestowed a distinctive character upon every region.

Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth

The Upper Franconian town of Bayreuth might be little, but it packs colossal clout in one area: its opera houses. We met up with Angela Danner, a member of a living history society. Together we paid a visit to the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site and heard its captivating stories.

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Street art in a historic setting

When we say Regensburg, what comes to mind? Labyrinthine alleyways, cobbled streets and 2,000-year-old buildings, no doubt, like a scene from a film set in the Middle Ages. Who’d expect to stumble upon a vibrant street art scene right here?

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Half-timbered buildings: quintessentially German?

All over Germany, you’ll see historic buildings with exposed beams, with a quaint charm all their own. Why not embark on a discovery tour of the half-timbered buildings that define so many old town districts of Germany to this day?

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Immerse yourself in a world of remarkable historic quarters, striking squares, countless castles and much more, all of it bound to leave you enchanted.

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In Germany, there’s always more to discover. Check out points of interest and get inspiration for your next trip here.

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