Art, pubs and culinary delights in Bremen

In Bremen, "The Quarter" is the unpretentious name for their most beautiful district located behind the Weser dyke, where a multifaceted museum and cultural scene, as well as quaint pubs, create a very special atmosphere.

Browse, shop, savour

The Kunsthalle, the Gerhard Marcks House with its sculpture collection, the Bremen Theatre and the Old Bremen houses with their classical and art nouveau façades also make the district extremely attractive visually. The Wilhelm Wagenfeld House provides an insight into design history and everyday culture. The artisan studios, boutiques and shops are wonderful places to browse. More than 300 cafés, bistros, bars, iconic pubs and restaurants make up a diverse dining scene. Immerse yourself in art and culture and enjoy the atmosphere of this very special neighbourhood!

The Beautiful Old Town

Bremen is rich in historic buildings from the Weser Renaissance period, for instance. The statue of Roland and the town hall are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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