The Middle Ages meet street art

History seems to whisper from the very stones of the Bavarian city of Regensburg; its labyrinthine alleyways, cobbled streets and 2,000-year-old buildings have seen a lot in their time. The capital of the Upper Palatinate still has a decidedly medieval air about it, interwoven with a thrillingly eclectic mix of styles. And it’s here that we meet an artist who deftly combines early Gothic charm with modern street art. Andre Maier – aka Cike1 – is a street artist based in Regensburg. He takes his cue from highbrow, classical styles of art, with elements of Art Nouveau woven in. A trained art teacher, he loves painting the walls of buildings and is on a mission to make the façades of Regensburg even more beautiful, wielding his trusty paint, brush and roller. All perfectly legally, you understand. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is subject to special protection orders, so Andre tends to do his painting in passageways and courtyards. He is increasingly being commissioned by private individuals and official state institutions, so his art can now be found in many a spot around the city.

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