Bremen's string of pearls: the medieval centre of Schnoor

Famous attractions, fascinating architectural styles, and history wherever you look - that's at the heart of many German cities. Way up in the North, a particularly special gem awaits you: Schnoor, Bremen's idyllic Old Town right on the Weser river. The oldest quarter owes its name to the Low German word for “string”. This string of lovingly restored houses and stores could not be more fitting. These little buildings sit like pearls along these alleyways, some of which are so narrow that you can simply touch both sides with your outstretched arms.

Traces of history: Bremen's historical heart

It all began in the 13th and 14th centuries, when Schnoor was a quarter for fishermen, craftsmen and other traders. You can still see relics and landmarks from this period today, such as the Franciscan Church. Like many German Old Towns, the Schnoor developed into a thriving neighborhood over the centuries. Today you can enjoy delicious coffee and homemade cakes in lovingly decorated cafés, buy souvenirs from craftspeople, or visit the "Story of Bremen" museum and the Packhaustheater, both local attractions of the Schnoor.

On the seeking and finding of small treasures

Although most shops in Germany are closed on Sundays, you can still do a little shopping trip around Schnoor. Art shops, galleries and souvenir shops are open here every Sunday from April to December.

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