Tegel Artpark in Berlin: urban art in the open air

The artworks in Berlin's Tegel Artpark are up to 42 metres high - because the facades of skyscrapers form the canvases. The huge murals create a unique open-air collection of urban art.

Street Art Mecca

There's a reason why Berlin is considered a mecca of urban art. The Artpark murals are designed by well-known artists and street art stars such as Berlin pop art legend Jim Avignon and Australian Fintan Magee. The first one was created in 2015; now there are eight huge pictures emblazoned on the walls of high-rise buildings near Lake Tegel. Some have already been painted over, so a visit to the Artpark is always worthwhile. Enjoy urban art with its finger on the pulse!

Famous colourful walls

It's hard to imagine Berlin without street art. The best proof is the famous East Side Gallery, a permanent open-air exhibition on the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall. The "Berlin Street Art Map" takes you to eighteen other places with famous murals, including the Artpark.

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