Erfurt: the historic bridge to beat all historic bridges

In Erfurt, the capital of Thüringen,A very special landmark awaits you: the Merchants’ Bridge. The bridge dates back to the Middle Ages, when Erfurt was a lively trading hub. Today, it’s the longest continuous bridge with inhabited houses in Europe. On your stroll across the bridge you simply must visit the little shops, art galleries and cafes. Behind it stands Erfurt’s captivating Old Town with its magnificent new Gothic town hall, lovely restored timber houses, beautiful Renaissance architecture and numerous green spaces, all inviting you to relax.

The heart of traditional craftsmanship

Originally a wooden bridge over the river “Gera”, the bridge serves as a part of the long military and trading route, “Via Regia”. The bridge was restored with limestone and sandstone after it was completely destroyed in a fire. Today, 32 houses sit on this 120m long bridge. On the eastern bridgehead stands the Aegidienkirche with its 33m high church tower offering a fantastic view. In these traditional half-timbered houses you will find, above all else, fine craftsmanship: from jewelry to chocolates, there are unique products enjoyed as beloved as souvenirs across the globe.

The summer festival to beat all summer festivals

The “Merchants’ Bridge Festival” is the largest festival in Thüringen’s Old Town,. Every June, up to 100,000 visitors gather to listen to American brass bands and enjoy a magnificent panorama of the city lit up with fireworks and light shows.

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