Münster’s “front parlour” - welcome to the Prinzipalmarkt

Right in the centre of Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, The most historical quarter of the city awaits. The Prinzipalmarkt represents the city's lively history which goes back to the Middle Ages, to merchants and their families passing their goods down through the generations to this very day. It's one of the most beautiful town squares in all of Germany. The “Historic City Hall”, right in the middle of the Prinzipalmarkt, is not just a landmark for the city but has also been awarded the European Heritage Label in 2015.

Every roof gable is unique

The market street's history dates back to the 12th century. The name “Prinzipalmarkt”, which means “main market”, was used back in the 17th century. The town square stands out due to its numerous gabled houses, each uniquely designed. Wander through magnificent arches and around the historical guildhalls decorating this traditional city centre. On the north side of the square, the St Lambert’s church spire completes the picture. The church is one of the most significant sacred buildings of the late Gothic period. The Prinzipalmarkt is an important meeting place for the citizens of Münster: It is here that state visitors are welcomed, festivals are celebrated, and you can wander around and be spoilt by Westphalian specialities.

Hospitality with tradition

Münster's most well-known and oldest guesthouse, “Stuhlmacher”, has maintained its place right next to the historical city hall for 125 years. Four generations invite you to try their very own “Stuhlmacher lager” and Westphalian delicacies on a shopping or walking break.

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