A cornucopia of flavours

What defines German cuisine? Ask this question in fifty different places in Germany, and you’ll get fifty different answers. While meat often gets top billing in southern Germany, the north traditionally has more in the way of fish dishes. And between the two are countless different iterations of German fare that spark new trends and are being transformed into new creations, with innovation and passion. Let us introduce you to young German winemakers, star chefs with big dreams, regional specialities and lots of other facets of Germany's foodie culture.

A taste trip through Germany

Germany has countless culinary tales to tell. Tales of visionaries and freethinkers who set out to discover old recipes and ingredients, before mixing them up and serving up something fresh and exciting. Something to your taste, perhaps?

Nancy Grossmann: German Sommelière of the Year 2020

Nancy Grossmann has made a career out of wine. Anyone wondering which wine goes with which dish or how best to describe the bouquet of a particular vintage will strike gold with this Berlin-based wine expert.

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Star chef Maria Groß: the art of elaborately staging simple cuisine

At the age of just 33, Maria Groß became the youngest chef in Germany to be awarded a Michelin star. Today, she has her very own restaurant in Erfurt. Maria Groß is all about simple food, innovatively executed, and she knows just how to delight diners.

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Young winemaker Tobias Huster: fresh new ideas for wines with a difference

Up-and-coming winemakers are on a mission to create new wines and stir up the scene. More and more young people in Germany are turning their hand to organic winegrowing. Visit the winery of young winemaker Tobias and discover his secret for a good wine.

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Great food goes down even better if it’s also a feast for the eyes. Enjoy the film.

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