Ammergau Alps: a small national park with enormous diversity

In the very south of Germany lie the forests, wild rivers, meadows, peaks and moors of the Ammergau Alps Nature Park. Bavaria's smallest nature park has an especially diverse landscape and offers a refuge for endangered animals as well as rare plants.

Flowering meadows and secluded moors

A variety of important natural areas are protected in the 228 square kilometres of the nature park: Meadows with great plant and insect diversity, clear lakes and spectacular rocky gorges. Its ecologically valuable peatland moors store CO2 and thus help to counteract climate change. Rare orchids and gentians can be found in the nature park, as well as endangered bird species ranging from capercaillie to golden eagles. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world by hiking, or taking guided tours with nature rangers!

Castles, churches and picturesque markets

In addition to environmental treasures, there are also enchanting castles, historic monasteries and romantic churches located within the territory of the nature park. Discover its beautiful little towns and experience authentic Bavarian traditions at local alpine festivals and picturesque markets.

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