Schmilka: an organic concept for sustainable holidaymaking

Organic, sustainable, fair and local – the trend for healthy, mindful living is becoming ever more popular. In a world that is increasingly complex and digitised, people crave a holiday that really allows them to switch off from everyday life. Sven-Erik Hitzer recognised this need and set about converting an entire village to an organic way of life. Schmilka is located in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, immediately adjoining the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Hitzer gives guests here the chance to enjoy a truly sustainable holiday. “At a certain point, I’d had enough of hotel rooms with cheap plywood furniture reeking of formaldehyde and restaurants that serve up boring dishes crammed with flavour enhancers and E-numbers,” he recalls. In the late 1990s, he decided to go completely green, even though everyone dismissed him as crazy.

Experience Germany's green side

Germany has an astonishing array of landscapes: two seas, countless rivers, lowlands, uplands, and, of course, the Alps, offer endless opportunities for exploration.