Heading to the top sustainably with the Thuringian Mountain Railway

Travelling by train is good for the environment - even more so when electricity is generated and fed into the grid, as is the case with the Thuringian mountain railway. There is a sustained and steep uphill climb along with the Thuringian Forest landmark.

The steepest funicular railway in the world

In 18 minutes, the mountain railway climbs 323 metres in altitude, over a distance of just 1.4 kilometres. The steepest funicular in the world for railway carriages has been connecting this mountain and valley since 1923. It is no wonder that the farmers on the mountain ranges were delighted when they no longer had to transport everything they needed up and down the mountain by muscle power alone. A road was built much later, in 1966. Today, the railway offers fantastic views and still saves energy. Climb aboard and enjoy the panoramic views of the Thuringen forest.

Behind the scenes

The interactive experience museum Maschineum at the mountain station offers insights into the heart of the railway. The engine house is just as much a part of it, as a mountain railway cinema.

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