Heidelberg: breathtaking views without the breathtaking climb

Today we’re travelling from the city into nature: Heidelberg's Old Town is the ideal starting point for an excursion into the surrounding countryside. If you’ve explored the picturesque alleyways of the former royal capital, you may like the idea of a trip on the funicular, that starts at the Corn Market. You’ll glide above Heidelberg's other attractions and up 570m to the King’s Seat

A journey through history

The full mountain railway route takes you past three stops. And it's worth pausing at each stop to have a look around. Visit Heidelberg Castle, one of the most famous ruins in Germany. And enjoy the view from the stop at Cafe Molkenkur, before you reach the King’s Seat at the top of the historical funicular. From here you have the best views and numerous possibilities for walking through this idyllic landscape..

The historic town of Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a renowned university town in the south-west of Germany. The Neckar river winds through the Old Town, founded in the 13th century and still famous today for its historical architecture and layout from the Middle Ages.

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Germany, at the very heart of Europe, has an incredible amount to discover. We took to the road and captured what we found, to whet your appetite for your next trip to Germany.