More than just a diverse nature reserve: Lüneburg Heathland

We have a special tip for anyone who loves exploring Germany's nature and who wants to snap up some interesting facts about it, too: Explore Lüneburg Heathland with Jan Brockmann, Germany's first heathland ranger. Together with the pioneer, embark on an exciting tour of through this unique landscape. In 1921 the Lüneburg Heathland was declared a nature reserve and is therefore not only the oldest, but also the largest nature reserve in Germany. The flora and fauna in this protected natural landscape are impressively diverse. With your camera packed and ready, let’s begin capturing nature’s beauty.

Wander through untouched nature in small groups

A walk through the enchanting heathland can also be exciting for children. For added variety, Jan Brockmann organises night walks, GPS rallies, horse and carriage rides, and invites guests to get their Heathland Diploma. Nature conservation up-close is really fun! Be inspired by Jan Brockmann, the heathland ranger.

Nature reserves in Germany

Nature reserves aim to preserve nature in its original condition and create a refuge for wild plants and animals. They are essential for the biodiversity of our planet. In Germany there are nearly 9000 of these nature reserves..

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