The Romantic Rhine: a region full of legends.

Enchanting mountains, picturesque landscapes and the second longest river in Germany: Welcome to The Romantic Rhine region. Since the start of the 19th century this area has been a popular tourist destination, where untouched nature can truly be enjoyed. The rugged Rhine promises an exciting adventure of numerous castles, palaces, world cultural heritage sites, and delicious local wines. Additionally: The Rhine connects the Swiss Alps with the North Sea and is not only economically vital, but also a cultural hub of Northern Europe.

A hiking haven along the river.

Whether north, south or west of the Rhine: Germany's nearly 200,000km of hiking trails are sure to impress. The Middle Rhine region is a particularly special paradise for hikers. A mix of rugged cliffs, romantic vineyard paths and steep valleys offers beginners and experienced hikers the right level of challenge. In combination with the impressive cultural landscapes of the castles and palaces, the hiking trails Rheinsteig, Rheinburgenweg and various other pleasant walking trails are an environmentally friendly and relaxing leisure activity.

A glimpse into the depths: Germany's rivers

Rhine, Donau, Main and Elbe: More than 1000 rivers shape and create the diverse landscape of Germany. Over time they form deep valleys, natural lakes or little islands. The rivers are also a rich habitat: Between the Alpenbach in the south of Germany and the Elbestrom in the north live a colourful variety of numerous plant and animal species, as a result of varying environmental conditions.

Discover more highlights in Germany

Germany, at the very heart of Europe, has an incredible amount to discover. We took to the road and captured what we found, to whet your appetite for your next trip to Germany.