Tempelhof Field: A green sanctuary in Berlin

Anyone who thinks that the capital, Berlin, Is covered in concrete, is greatly mistaken. Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Europe. The Tempelhof Field gives Berlin a central recreational space, so big that it is used by families, athletes, and many more people for everything from walks to BBQs. Tempelhof is also a historical site with many stories to tell. It is well worth a visit.

Lively and exciting - there’s always something going on here.

386 hectares or 540 football pitches. Right in the city centre, making it the largest inner-city open space in the world! This site has a long history. The name comes from “Knights of the Temple”. The site was used by the military for a long time. From 1923 to 2008 it was used for commercial air travel. Tempelhof has been a key location in many historic events. Find and enjoy reading the numerous display boards. Do drop by on your Berlin sightseeing tour, and take a moment to breathe in deeply, and immerse yourself in its hustle and bustle.

The capital city, Berlin

Always worth the trip. The largest and most populous city of Germany isn’t just rich in history. It is also rich in modern art, culture, theatre, music - creativity is booming here in Berlin.

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