Explore the German forest

Did you know that Germany’s superlative climate conditions make it one of the most forested countries in Europe? Almost a third of the country is covered in forest. Peter Wohlleben claims that trees have been proven to make us happier. A forester and keen conservationist, Wohlleben’s insights into the forests of Germany have been published in a number of books. People have a great yearning for nature. After all, we spend much of our time cloistered away indoors, gazing at screens and sitting motionless in one spot. An excursion to the forest is the ideal way of getting out of this rut. Germany has a total of 16 national parks, scattered across the entire country. From the Wadden Sea in the north to remarkable waterways in the northeast, striking rock formations in the east, forests, landscapes defined by woods, lakes and rivers in the centre and west, and the timeless forests in the south, Germany has a bit of everything.

Experience Germany's green side

Germany has an astonishing array of landscapes: two seas, countless rivers, lowlands, uplands, and, of course, the Alps, offer endless opportunities for exploration.