Unspoiled nature in Münsterland

Münsterland has forests, moated castles, cycle paths - and wild animals. Here, with the world's furthest northern flamingo breeding ground and Europe's only wild horse track, you can expect particularly exciting encounters with nature.

Wild horses and pink flamingos

In the Zwillbrocker Venn, a moor and wetland area in the western Münsterland, from April onwards flamingos breed alongside the laughing and black-headed gulls. The first chicks hatch in June. Discover these graceful birds on a guided tour with an expert! Wild horses live in the Merfelder Bruch near Dülmen, and have done so for centuries. The 400-hectare nature reserve is home to almost 400 Dülmen wild horses. On a hike you have a good chance of seeing the peacefully grazing herd.

Traditional Wild Horse Herding

On the last Saturday in May, the herd thunders into an arena where the young stallions are captured and offered for sale. The yearlings would otherwise establish their own herds, and there is not enough space for this in the protected area. The wild horse drive is an unforgettable experience.

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