Dresden Stollen: The taste of Christmas in Germany.

Dresden, the city on the Elbe, Is full of world-renowned sites such as the Frauenkirche, the Green Vault or the Dresden Zwinger museum. But there is also culinary delicacy, eternally connected to this city and known way beyond the borders of Germany: Dresden Stollen. No other cake embodies Christmastime as much as this butter and raisin stollen.

A secret recipe with a centuries-old tradition

Not all stollen gets the golden seal of quality. A true Dresden Stollen has to meet a series of strict criteria about origins and ingredients. Every baker has their own secret recipe, too, giving the stollen a personal touch. Centuries old baking tradition and true passion - the Dresden Stollen is a delicious part of cultural history that you simply must try.

Christmas markets in Dresden

Anyone who wants to truly experience Dresden Stollen should really go to one of the oldest and most beloved Christmas markets of Germany: the Dresden Striezelmarkt. It’s the best place to enjoy a slice of original Dresden Stollen in a Christmassy heaven.

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