Glückstädt Matjes - they don't get more tender than this

For 100 years, the most tender and delicious matje fish have come from the small town on the Lower Elbe. They are processed by hand here, following old traditions.

Tasty Damsels

Because their name comes from the Dutch word "meisjes" meaning young girls, matjes are also called damsel herrings. They are in fact caught when young, and processed into matjes. Whether classic with onion rings, apple slices and gherkins or newly interpreted in curry-banana sauce or with herb dip - the fillets are always a delight. They are also healthy. Simply a true lucky find.

A Celebration of the Fish

It's no wonder that the people of Glückstadt love their fish. There is even a festival dedicated to the original Glückstädter Matjes. Every year in June, the Matjeswochen (matje weeks) are celebrated on the Elbe, where the first matje tasting of the season is made. Celebrate with us!