Up-and-coming German wineries: a glorious bouquet bursting with aromas

Welcome to the Rhine, Germany’s second-longest river. The slopes along the riverbank are known first and foremost for one thing: top wines that focus on quality, rather than mass-market sales. Tobias Huster is one of the fresh young faces in the industry. These up-and-coming winemakers are combining traditional methods with the latest knowledge to create wines that enjoy a formidable reputation in Germany and beyond.

Organic cultivation in harmony with the vineyard

With around 100,000 hectares of vineyards and over 11,000 winemakers, winegrowing is far from a niche profession in Germany. And this number includes young winemakers like Tobias Huster who value quality more than ever. “Even 25 years ago, my father decided to focus on organic winegrowing out of a sense of deep conviction,” recalls Tobias, who has followed in his father’s pioneering footsteps. Today, that niche pursuit has grown into a real trend, with ever more German winemakers committing to organic winegrowing. “The vineyard ecosystem is a highly sophisticated, harmonious, living structure that we should only seek to influence by exercising the greatest of care,” explains Tobias.

“Foregoing high yields and insisting on handpicking the grapes are – in our view – the only way of producing exceptional wines.”

Quintessentially German, utterly delicious: wine taverns

Anyone travelling across Germany will soon notice that you really work up an appetite with all that activity. That’s where the wine taverns (Straußwirtschaft) come in. This type of restaurant, attached to a winery, can be found all over Germany. You might also see signs for Besenschänke, Kranzwirtschaft, or – in other regions – Rädle or Maienwirtschaft. But no matter where in Germany you end up, there’s bound to be a winery with an adjoining inn not too far away.

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Germany is wine country

Germany is superb winegrowing country, especially along the slopes of its riverbanks. Around 140 different varieties of wine from 13 winegrowing regions are just waiting to be discovered by connoisseurs. Accounting for around 23 per cent of the area under cultivation, Riesling is the undisputed frontrunner among the grape varieties, and enjoys a first-class reputation worldwide.

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