Leipzig Delicacies

There is so much to discover in this Saxon Metropolis, including delicious culinary delights. Almost everyone knows Leipziger Allerlei. But what about Leipziger Lerche? The pastry with a history is one of Leipzig's sweetest secrets.

The Saxon Unikat Delicacy

This delicious treat dates back to the 18th century and can still only be found here today. In the beginning, this pastry actually did contain of real songbirds. When hunting was banned in 1876, clever bakers created a vegetarian alternative. Since then, the Lerche has been sweet: a fine shortcrust pastry, almonds, nuts and a filling of strawberries or marzipan make it irresistible. The Lerche tastes best fresh out the oven. Try it for yourself!

Lively Leipzig

With more than 1,400 restaurants and cafés, Leipzig offers plenty of fun. Its rich cultural offerings also make this city of music attractive - as do its rivers, lakes and parks.