Lower Saxon Asparagus Road: Home to the pointy vegetable.

From April to June, northern Germany cares only about one thing: Asparagus. It can be served many ways, but its taste is unique. Nobody in Europe produces more asparagus than Germany. This vegetable has been grown here for centuries. A truly tasty trip is found on the Lower Saxon Asparagus Road. It stretches over 750km, from the Lüneburg Heathlands to Hanover - surrounded by the diverse and picturesque landscapes of this region.

Asparagus is delicious - especially when it's just been cut

When you're next in Germany: Visit the source of this “White Gold” - as it's also fondly called here. This vegetable is not just rich in flavour, but also in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Feel the magic of asparagus season on a tour along Asparagus Road. Meet the farmers selling their produce directly from their fields, take part in the little asparagus festivals or follow tempting menus from nearby inns, enticing you with asparagus dishes. For day trippers or weekend tourists with culinary ambitions, this is a must-see.

Asparagus: formerly a cure-all, today a treat

In 19th century Germany, asparagus was said to have healing powers and had to be prescribed by a doctor. Many people still swear by its diuretic effect today. The most important thing, though, is this: Asparagus is truly delicious. In Germany it's usually served with potatoes and melted butter or Hollandaise sauce. If you want something a bit more substantial, add ham or a little Wiener schnitzel.

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