Pears from Brandenburg

The pear is as much a part of Havelland as its forest, water and meadows. Less well known are the pleasures that are owed to the golden yellow fruit: juices, herbal and egg liqueurs, cider - and of course noble pear brandy.

Sparkling Havel Water

Try a delicious carbonated Havel water, made from pear juice and wine. Or how about a pear-infused herbal liqueur? The "Eierbirne", an egg liqueur refined with the sweet fruit, gives the classic drink a new, fruity twist. And, of course, the noble pear brandy is also a part of the Havelland product range.

The land of castles and gardens

Havelland is famous for its castles and gardens, churches and monasteries. In the village of Ribbeck, (almost) everything still revolves around the pear. There is a museum in the castle dedicated to Theodor Fontane, author of the ballad about the pear tree of Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck.