True Stralsund Originality

Up in North-East Germany,Where the waves of the Baltic Sea crash onto the land, is precisely where you’ll find a piece of German brewing culture. For more than 800 years, people in this region have known how to brew very special beer varieties. One example is the Störtebeker Brewery in Stralsund. Here the focus is still on the traditional values and original recipes of the hops specialities, which were exported all over the world by ship as early as the 13th century.

The taste of world champion German beer.

The old brick buildings where the former Stralsund brewery was, radiate the rustic flair of days gone by. And the Störtebeker brewery is continuing these traditions still today. One thing is clear: It’s not just beer fans who’ll be enjoying themselves on this brewery tour. By the way, you have to try the rye wheat beer. In 2014 it was voted the best dark wheat beer at the Beer World Cup.

Beer consumption in Germany

German beer is subject to a so-called purity law. It states that beer can only be made from hops, malt, yeast and water. This law has existed since 1516 and has been adopted by most German breweries.

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