Stuttgart's wine scene: contemporary indulgence in traditional style.

Fresh Riesling, classic Pinot Noir or trendy Sauvignon Blanc - these fine wines have a long tradition in the Stuttgart region. But a fresh breeze is blowing through the vineyards. 17 young winemakers are taking the reins and continuing their family winegrowing tradition, some of them two or three generations down the line. They are developing new trends, expanding grape varieties or developing delicious cuvées for your taste buds. Enjoy traditional craftsmanship with modern influences and pay a visit to Stuttgart's stylish wine bars - like the Stadtbesen or Schattenbruder.

Dreamy wine tours with romantic views

Enjoy fine wines from budding winemakers in one of the most romantic places in Stuttgart: The shrine at Württemberg with the inscription “Love never dies”. Originally built by King Wilhelm I for his deceased wife Katharina, it is now a meeting place for events and live music. Above all, in the evenings you can enjoy a picturesque view over Stuttgart from here. Thanks to its numerous vineyards, Württemberg is also the ideal place for a wine tour through Stuttgart's dreamy lanscapes.

Stuttgart: Valley of wines

Stuttgart’s location is unique in all Germany. The city lies in a valley surrounded by green hills. Because of this unique location, vineyards can be found right in the city centre. Most inner-city vineyards are on steep slopes and require expert knowledge and craftsmanship to look after them and cultivate them.

Unique in Germany: Stuttgart's wine region

With over 4000 hectares of vineyards, Stuttgart is the largest wine region in Germany and the only city with its own inner-city vineyard. The traditional winery covers 16 hectares of cultivated land and thus shapes the special image of the historic city. In some places, the grapevines are even visible in the middle of the residential areas. Overall, the parcels of land run from Bad Cannstatt to Degerloch and from Hasenberg to Obertürkheim.

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