The Lusatian chocolate world

In East Germany, close to the Polish border, lie the enchanting Lusatian lakes With flowering heathland and diverse landscapes. But Lusatia has something else to offer, too: genuine chocolatier craftsmanship, whose roots reach as far as Belgium. We are talking about Confiserie Felicitas - whose creations are already known far beyond the borders of the region.

Fancy a sweet souvenir?

Since chocolate tastes great and is soothing to eat, we recommend a visit to the Felicitas workshop. Here you’ll discover the finest chocolate in many forms and get a unique glimpse into the chocolatier’s craftsmanship. Join in and surprise your friends and family at home with a handmade chocolatey gift from Lusatia.

Enchanting Lusatia

Lakes, romantic river landscapes, natural woodlands and intriguing rock formations shape this diverse region. Cottbuss and Görlitz are only two of many towns worth a trip.

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