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Aalen – breathing treatments from deep underground

Aalen is a stunning city known for its timber-framed buildings situated at the edge of the Swabian Jura, where visitors can admire the diverse landscape and receive treatment underground in the Tiefer Stollen cave or at the Limes thermal baths.

The "Tiefer Stollen" in Aalen is a visitor mine and a geological attraction bursting with health benefits. The air in the healing cave is completely free from pollen and fresher than at sea or up in the mountains. It is scientifically proven to relieve respiratory diseases and skin conditions whilst visitors lie back on comfy loungers and relax. Treatment in the healing cave is best followed up with a trip to the Limes Thermal Baths in Aalen, which provide a stunning setting modelled on Ancient Rome. A visit to Aalen wouldn't be complete without trips to check out the many other attractions in the local area, and the winding alleys in the Old Town and the stunning view of the mountains never fail to disappoint.

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