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Alexander Herrmann by Tobias Bätz, Wirsberg

Alexander Herrmann is known for being a Michelin-starred chef, a restaurateur, a cookbook author and a TV chef. Hermann's traditional family-run Posthotel to the north of Bayreuth represents yet another Michelin star for the man and a glowing accolade for his career.

He joins forces with Tobias Bätz to create a talented cooking duo. The pair describe themselves as fun-loving and far from pretentious, which shines through in the restaurant's three menus. The "Contrast" menu plays with produce with starkly different consistencies, appearances and origins, whilst "OFF" (featuring no fish or meat) showcases just how creative you can get with vegetables and herbs. And the "Signature" menu is ideal for anyone feeling a little indecisive, as it features the best bits from the other two menus. The masters themselves serve up and explain the dishes without coming across as pretentious at all.

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