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Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant, Rust

Diners will find a sophisticated setting, an exclusive atmosphere and outstanding cuisine perfectly integrated into the overarching concept of a leading theme park at the Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant at Europa-Park.

Transforming food into an indulgent experience, a delightful journey of discovery that diners embark upon as a natural reaction,all requires the focus to be shifted onto the essence, the taste and character of the original produce and its flavour balance. Head Chef Peter Hagen-Wiest wows foodies with his international dishes that somehow never lose their regional roots and sticks to a "less is more" approach. Not one for gimmicks, his repertoire revolves around his Black Forest cuisine, his tribute to the taste of home. All of his delicious food can be enjoyed against the stunning backdrop of the round lighthouse at Europa-Park.

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