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Lafleur Restaurant, Frankfurt

The Lafleur impresses from the word go thanks to its location directly beside the entrance to the Palmengarten botanical gardens. The restaurant's architecture continues the effect, with high ceilings creating a spacious feel and full-length windows opening up a clear view into the park.

The modern, colourful decor is inspired by the opulent hues of the Palmengarten. Since taking over in the Lafleur kitchens in March 2015, talented chef Andreas Krolik has wasted no time in cooking up two Michelin stars for this fine restaurant. This enthusiastic angler, who makes an annual family trip to the Norwegian fjords and islands of the North Atlantic, is regarded as an absolute expert when it comes to fish and seafood. He also offers a six-course completely vegan menu. The dishes are accompanied by carefully selected wines from the restaurant's own wine merchant.

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