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Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer, Berlin

In what has to be the ultimate understatement, the Lorenz Adlon restaurant in the legendary Hotel Adlon Kempinski goes under the humble name of "Esszimmer", which simply means "dining room". It is located right beside the Brandenburg Gate, just a stone's throw from the government district.

The Adlon is a hotspot for celebrities, politicians and crowned heads of state from all around the world. By no means daunted, Head Chef Hendrik Otto greets diners in a sophisticated but friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In this illustrious setting, he reflects on his roots and quotes childhood recipes and specialities as an important source of inspiration. The Head Chef creates his own take on traditional dishes, incorporating influences from all over the world. He can therefore continuously surprise even his regular patrons, who greet each other like old friends in the "Esszimmer".

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