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Ox & Klee, Cologne

The Ox & Klee experience is about so much more than the food on the plate. Even the architecture of this Michelin-starred restaurant is out of this world given its location in the middle crane tower, with the trio of buildings being dubbed Cologne's latest landmark.

Boasting industrial architecture, a waterfront view and perfectly stylish interior design, the restaurant's modern look is reflected in the kitchen, which is headed up by the dream team of Daniel Gottschlich and Erik Schmitz. Their dishes are the very embodiment of clear direction and fresh concepts that are designed to be easily accessible to diners. And the ideas really do abound. The chefs tend to avoid carbohydrates and their dishes are bursting with plenty of vegetables, meat that has been raised responsibly, and fish and seafood that has been caught in line with strict regulations. The chefs bring their own culinary creations to the table, which shows their commitment to a thoroughly modern approach.

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