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Söl’ring Hof, Rantum, Sylt

Jan-Philipp Berner serves up typically Nordic fresh and simple cuisine in the Söl’ring Hof restaurant in the Söl’ring Hof hotel, in a unique location on the Rantum dunes on the island of Sylt, right on the coast of the North Sea.

The restaurant is famed for its tendency to use fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced locally. Head Chef Jan-Philipp Berner leaves nothing to chance when sourcing his ingredients. Fruit, vegetables and herbs come from the surrounding area, whilst local fishermen supply fish and seafood. They define his dishes and showcase the depth of flavours of North German cuisine. "Less is more" is very much the restaurant's motto. And this shines through in the pared-down menu, which does feature the famous Sylt Royal oyster.

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