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Vendôme, Bergisch-Gladbach

The view from Bensberg Palace in Bergisch Gladbach is said to have been admired by Goethe. And a five-star grand hotel welcomes guests here, whilst diners are invited to indulge in its gourmet restaurant Vendôme.

As if the view of Cologne, home to the magnificent cathedral, wasn't enough to entice diners, the Vendôme is ranked amongst the finest gourmet restaurants in the world. In the restaurant, Joachim Wissler, a leading light of "New German Cuisine", prepares a refreshingly different kind of cuisine, with imaginative creations spanning the full spectrum in terms of texture and temperature. His love of the produce he uses and his simple yet sophisticated pared-down compositions have earned him his status as one of the most famous chefs in the world. Today, Goethe would surely have more to admire than simply the view from the palace...

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