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TOP 10 of the most popular cycle trails in Germany

On the varied and excellently signposted cycling routes in Germany, everyone will be happy in their very own way: From the Baltic to the Alps, from the Danube to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains – Germany is a paradise for all those who want to explore towns and countryside on two wheels. Ride towards the sea or alongside rivers like the Elbe and Main. The Mosel and Rhine cycle trails run through magnificent vineyards and sunny locations. Exciting cities such as Constance, Essen and Bremen line the Lake Constance, Ruhr Valley and Weser cycling trails. On your way you will also be welcomed by many particularly bicycle-friendly accommodations.

The TOP 10 of the most popular cycling trails in Germany were found in an online survey. The best way to discover the result is to do it yourself – by bicycle of course.

Weser Cycle Route
Elbe Cycle Route
Ruhr Valley Cycle Route
Weser Cycle Route – Cycling along the Weser river

The Weser Cycle Route follows the course of the Weser river through six different regions from the Weserbergland hills to the North Sea. It offers a leisurely trip en route to the coast, with hardly any hills to tackle. Castles, palaces and historical towns follow one after another. In the Hanseatic city of Bremen it’s well worth taking time out to visit the town hall and the historical old quarter.

Elbe Cycle Route – From Dresden to the coastal mudflats

The Elbe is Germany’s second-longest river, but is number one for cycling tours. From out of the Czech Republic, the Elbe flows into the sandstone outcrops of the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany.

Ruhr Valley Cycle Route – Coal to culture on the Ruhr

The Ruhr Valley Cycle Route covers 230 exciting kilometres from the Sauerland to the Ruhr region. It is rated as a four-star premium route by the German Cyclists’ Federation. Forests alternate with meadowland, castles give way to medieval townscapes, and interspersed amongst it all are the industrial monuments.

Danube Cycle Route
Lake Constance - Imperia Cycle Trail in Constance Lake Constance Cycle Route
River Main Cycle Route
Danube Cycle Route – Following a river of legends

The Danube: songs have been written about it, composers have dedicated pieces of music to it and it has been the source of countless stories. Along the Danube Cycle Route it's easy to see why this mighty river has proven such an inspiration to so many. The route follows the Danube in Germany from the source of the river to Passau.

Lake Constance Cycle Route – Welcome to the Three Country Point

The Lake Constance Cycle Route is about 170 miles long and passes through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the backdrop of the Alps, the path runs along the edge of the entire lake. Following the route on the German side of Lake Constance, you can start your journey in Constance and cycle past all the famous attractions in the area, such as the beautiful town of Lindau, the Islands of Mainau and Reichenau and the stunning Meersburg Castle.

River Main Cycle Route – First class cycling

The long-distance cycle route through Franconia and Hesse offers high quality from start to finish, with exemplary signposting, outstanding scenery and lots of cyclist-oriented accommodation. The river Main begins in two places and so does this tour: you can start either with the Red Main in the Franconian Switzerland region or follow the White Main through the Franconian Forest.

Moselle Cycle Route
Rhine Cycle Route
Baltic Coast Cycle Trail - by the dyke on Rügen Baltic Coast Cycle Route
Moselle Cycle Route – Twists and turns and fine wines

The Moselle’s meandering journey begins in the southern Vosges mountains in France. The river has many a fascinating tale to tell. The German section of the international Velo Tour Moselle takes you on a journey of richly varied scenery along predominantly level cycle paths. Trier is home to a number of impressive Roman monuments.

Rhine Cycle Route – A memorable tour along majestic Father Rhine

On the Rhine Cycle Route, you can explore the history and culture of the river from its source in the Alps to its estuary on the North Sea coast. The importance of the Rhine is regularly documented along its riverbanks in the form of castles, fortresses, churches and historical towns and cities. Many of these are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Baltic Coast Cycle Route – The pearls of the Baltic Sea

Your journey of discovery along the Baltic coast begins in Flensburg. From here all the way to the island of Usedom, the sea will be your faithful companion. A tour that bears the promise of sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and the maritime bustle of coastal towns. As you head along the Kiel Firth towards Fehmarn Island, you’ll see that many of the seaside resorts in the Bay of Lübeck have been restored to their former splendor.

The view of Neuschwanstein Castle Bodensee-Königssee-Cycle Route
Bed & Bike Cycle routes from A-Z
Bodensee-Königssee-Cycle Route - Picture-book backdrops

This long-distance tour from Lake Constance to Lake Königssee offers stunning views of the Alps and the Alpine foothills. The route, however, is not without its challenges.

Cycle routes from A-Z

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