The Spessart Hills Trail 2 - hiking through the land of the robbers

The 58 kilometre Spessart Hills Trail 2 surprises us with its wide variety of vistas and natural beauty.

Although the Germans have penned songs about robbers in the forest, these days are long gone and we have no need to fear a surprise attack when hiking through the forests of the Spessart hills. Yet the region has been associated with stories about bands of robbers as a result of the collection of fairy tales entitled "The Spessart Inn". When hiking along the Spessart Hills Trail 2 today, we see castle ruins, enchanted forests and idyllic valleys. But there isn't a robber in sight. On top of the Geißhöhe, the highest point on the route, we have a 360° panorama of the Spessart hills. We can even see as far as the Taunus mountain range and the Frankfurt skyline. On the four stages from Heigenbrücken to Stadtprozelten, we see an animal park, a moated castle and a pilgrimage church. But there isn't a robber in sight. And we like it that way, as the Spessart Hills Trail 2 is a hiking paradise.

TIP: Mespelbrunn

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:
"Take your hiking group on a detour to Mespelbrunn and be attacked by robbers. Not real robbers, of course. But you still need to pay money for the experience - just like in the olden days!"

At a glance: Spessart Hills Trail 2

Starts: Heigenbrücken

Ends: Stadtprozelten

Length: 58 km

Number of stages: 4

Altitude variation: lowest point 151 m, highest point 518 m

Terrain: 44% unmade, 10% asphalt, 46% other, e.g. farm tracks

Certified quality hiking trail

Barrier-free control

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