Messlingen Windmill, Messlingen in Petershagen
Messlingen Windmill, Messlingen in Petershagen ©Mühlenkreis Minden-Lübbecke
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The Westphalian Mills Route

Westphalian Mills Route – The romance of mills, and impressions

The romance of windmills is brought to life and is within your reach: let the 320 km Westphalian Mills Route be your guide to the hidden treasures of Northern Westphalia's mills region.

The Westphalian Mills Route connects over 40 mostly functioning windmills, watermills and horse mills, as well as Germany's only remaining ship mill located on the river Weser outside the town of Minden, to form a truly unique museum of mills. These nostalgia-tinged decorative mills are located amongst the idyllic and unique landscape of the mills region.

The romance of mills

The once familiar clatter of the feed shoes means that it's milling and baking day on the Mills Route. Nowhere else is the diverse craft of milling showcased to such a degree as during the much-loved milling and baking days. On these days, knowledgeable people who mill for leisure and tradition-conscious women from the villages show visitors from the city how grain is ground into flour and baked in stone ovens to make nutritious bread.

The joy of discovery

In addition to flour for bread, these mills also ground barley grain to make Minden beer, which was much-praised in the Hanseatic period. There are other cultural monuments to be discovered alongside these ancient mills and bakehouses, for example interesting museums, artists' workshops, imposing farmhouses with their typical gardens, as well as mineral baths, the so-called "Bauernbäder", and their over 250-year-old spa tradition.

The route with the wind in its sails

Combined train and bicycle tours are available, as are mill-hopping scooter tours, cosy covered wagon rides, ferry trips or trips on the nostalgic railway. Nature lovers and hikers can also pause for a break here and there in the shade of a windmill's sails. Try your best not to rush on to the next destination as if you were taking part in a windmill rally (Mühlen-Ralley): a route showcasing more than 1,000 years of history is meant to be savoured.

Westphalian Mills Route

Length: approximately 320 km

Theme: mills, countryside, culture

Bad Oeyenhausen: spa resort, Aqua Magica Park, the Jordansprudel fountain
Hille: large peat bog
Limberg: Hüffe Castle, the Gutswassermühle watermill
Lübbecke: historical brewery
Minden: passenger ship, waterway junction and lock, ship mill
Petershagen: the Stork Route, Glashütte Gernheim Museum
Porta Westfalica: Wittekindsburg Castle, visitor mine, the Westphalian Gap gorge
Rahden: the Hochzeitsmühle mill, farm museum

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