• German Rail Intercity Express Train - Deutsche Bahn
    German Rail Intercity Express Train - Deutsche Bahn ©Deutsche Bahn
  • Many people sitting on steps of the Rheinpromenade with views of the Rhine river and the skyline of the city of Düsseldorf.
    Staircase Burgplatz - Düsseldorf ©Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH
  • A wheelchair user with his escort on the MAINTOWER’s rooftop observation platform
    Main Tower - Frankfurt ©Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main
  • The unique structure, created by the Iraqi-born star architect Zaha Hadid, was completed in November 2005 after four years of construction using state-of-the-art building materials.
    phaeno Science Centre - Wolfsburg ©phaeno, Klemens Ortmeyer
  • The King Seaways, one of two vessels on our Newcastle to Amsterdam route.
    The King Seaways - DFDS ©DFDS
  • Picture of Rheinsberg Palace - Brandenburg
    Rheinsberg Palace - Brandenburg ©Linus Lintner
  • Accessible German Airports - Lufthansa
    Accessible German Airports - Lufthansa ©Jens Goerlich
  • Man on a hand bike in front of the Lilienstein in Saxon Switzerland.
    Lilienstein – Saxon Switzerland ©TMGS, S Dittrich
  • While the only remaining city gate of Berlin formerly used to represent the separation of the city between East and West Berlin, since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 the Brandenburg Gate has now come to symbolise German unity.
    Brandenburg Gate - Berlin ©visitBerlin – Scholvien

Accessible Airports

Currently there are 15 German Airports with direct flights from all over the UK. Flight times from the UK are usually 1 - 2 hours maximum, depending on your destination.

The largest airports in Germany are Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg. The top 5 airlines that fly to Germany are: Lufthansa, British Airways, easyJet, Air Berlin and germanwings. Flight prices can vary considerably, but if booked well in advance can cost as little as £60 return, up to approximately £150.

Flying with a disability

A wheelchair at an airport having a priority baggage tag.

Generally all airlines have a legal duty to accept travellers who are in a wheelchair or are visually impaired, provided it doesn’t compromise their own or the safety of other passengers. Most airlines will supply a lighter on-board wheelchair, whilst your normal chair will be transported in the aircraft’s hold. It is unlikely that airline staff are able to lift you from a wheelchair to a seat or vice versa, and one consideration for this would be your own helper or companion. Taking a guide dog on board an aircraft isn’t normally a problem either, provided you have the correct training and health certificates for your dog.

It is absolutely essential that you inform the airline well in advance of any special requirements you may have, plus you should carefully read their terms and conditions. In addition, and at least 48 hours before travelling, we would suggest you give your airline a cautionary follow up call.

Airport Services

A check-in agent is assisting a man with crutches to sit down in a wheelchair.

If you require special assistance at an Airport, either in the UK or in Germany, you should call your airline at least 48 hours before travelling. Assistance at an airport cannot normally be booked with the airport directly, even though it will be the airport’s responsibility to look after you, all arrangements have to be made with your airline.

Airport assistance is always available free of charge, even if you have a minor sporting injury.

In Germany all airports will be able to provide an escort service through the arrivals/departure hall, through customs and if you have a connecting flight they will be able to take you from one plane to your next flight or terminal. Some airports will even be able to take you as far as the bus or railway station. If you require this service you should to tell your airline in advance.

Airports with Railway Stations

ICE train at the railway station of Frankfurt Airport.

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne/Bonn and Leipzig all have their own, on-site ICE and IC long distance railway station. With the exception of some smaller airports, like Baden-Baden, Erfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn, Memmingen, Niederrhein and Nuremberg, most other international airports in Germany also have a railway station, with S-Bahn connections to the city centre and the immediate local area.

For further information about public transport please see our next page.