• German Rail Intercity Express Train - Deutsche Bahn
    German Rail Intercity Express Train - Deutsche Bahn ©Deutsche Bahn
  • Many people sitting on steps of the Rheinpromenade with views of the Rhine river and the skyline of the city of Düsseldorf.
    Staircase Burgplatz - Düsseldorf ©Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH
  • A wheelchair user with his escort on the MAINTOWER’s rooftop observation platform
    Main Tower - Frankfurt ©Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main
  • The unique structure, created by the Iraqi-born star architect Zaha Hadid, was completed in November 2005 after four years of construction using state-of-the-art building materials.
    phaeno Science Centre - Wolfsburg ©phaeno, Klemens Ortmeyer
  • The King Seaways, one of two vessels on our Newcastle to Amsterdam route.
    The King Seaways - DFDS ©DFDS
  • Picture of Rheinsberg Palace - Brandenburg
    Rheinsberg Palace - Brandenburg ©Linus Lintner
  • Accessible German Airports - Lufthansa
    Accessible German Airports - Lufthansa ©Jens Goerlich
  • Man on a hand bike in front of the Lilienstein in Saxon Switzerland.
    Lilienstein – Saxon Switzerland ©TMGS, S Dittrich
  • While the only remaining city gate of Berlin formerly used to represent the separation of the city between East and West Berlin, since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 the Brandenburg Gate has now come to symbolise German unity.
    Brandenburg Gate - Berlin ©visitBerlin – Scholvien

What to know - BarrierFree

With a little preparation and knowledge, Germany is probably one of the most accessible tourist destinations in Europe. From the moment you arrive in Germany, you will receive a warm welcome across a network of cities, towns and regions which have pledged to provide an all-access and BarrierFree environment. When travelling to and around Germany you can be assured of a similar promise from our airports, motorway service stations and local transport companies.

Travellers walking through a terminal at Frankfurt Airport.


Currently there are 15 German Airports with direct flights from all over the UK. Flight times from the UK are usually 1 - 2 hours maximum, depending on your destination.

Automatic door opener for wheelchair users on the S-Bahn.

Public transport

Despite the fact that Germany invented the automobile and the motorway, for visitors and people in Germany, public transport is still very much king. Fast, efficient and cost effective, there is a huge infrastructure of trains, trams and buses, which can take you to almost any destination.

Bird eye’s view of flyovers of the autobahn in the near of Stuttgart.

Travelling by car

Taking your own car or hiring a car in Germany allows you to go wherever you like, without having to plan in advance, except for the accommodation maybe. Drive to Germany and you can take as much as you like, most importantly you don’t have to worry about how much shopping you do or how many wonderful things you could take back.

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Information and preparation is the key to planning a great holiday. If you have any specific queries about travel to & within Germany, you may find the answer here on our FAQ page.

BarrierFree Travel Route:
Dresden, Erfurt & Saxony
BarrierFree Travel Route:
Berlin & Brandenburg