• Woman in a wheelchair enjoying the view on the Göltzschtalbrücke, the biggest brick stone bridge in the world, in the Vogtland.
    Vogtland - Göltzschtalbrücke (brick stone bridge) ©TMGS/S. Dittrich
  • A woman in a wheelchair in front of the baroque “Moritzburg” castle in the Saxon Elblands.
    Saxon Elblands – Moritzburg Castle ©TMGS/S. Dittrich
  • Man on a hand bike in front of the Lilienstein in Saxon Switzerland.
    Saxon Switzerland - Lilienstein – Saxon Switzerland ©TMGS, S Dittrich

Accessible Holidays in Saxony

Saxony – this sophisticated region is famous for its cultural and historical sights, its picturesque landscapes and traditional craftsmanship as well as the modern history of manufacturing.

Visit the metropolises of Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz but don't forget the beautiful towns like Meißen, Görlitz and Pirna. In the holiday regions, you can combine city trips with active, family and spa holidays. Also the typical cuisine and proverbial hospitality are reasons for spending your holidays in Saxony.

Dresden – World-class Art & Culture

Man giving a guided tour in sign language to three tourists at the Old Masters Picture Gallery in Dresden.

For 450 years, the Dresden State Art Collections have been showing a unique abundance of significant artworks. Visit the architectural treasures all around the Theaterplatz, with the Zwinger, Semper Opera and Brühl's Terrace, Church of Our Lady and Neumarkt. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the splendour of the historical Green Vault, the Turkish Chamber and the Old and New Masters Picture Gallery.

Leipzig – Fair, Fashion, Famous Composers

Famous composers like J.S. Bach, F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy, R. Schumann and R. Wagner were all inspired by Leipzig's charm. The cultural range is wide in Leipzig, encompassing numerous festivals, exhibitions in renowned museums like the Grassi Museum and a versatile cabaret landscape being an essential part of it. Discover Leipzig with its New and Old Guildhall, the churches of St. Thomas and Nicholas, the Bach Museum, Gewandhaus and Opera. Trips to the Leipzig Zoo or the Cospuden Lake promise to be a unique experience.

Enjoying the flair of world heritage and breathing the air of the national park

A man and a woman in wheelchairs enjoying the view over the Elbe river valley at the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

Immerse into an atmosphere of world heritage. The park created by Prince von Pückler in Bad Muskau is a marvel of nature. The approx. 6,000 boulders in the flamboyant rock and heather garden, the "Lausitzer Findlingspark Nochten", are a treat for the eyes. Hiking is part of the range of the National Park of Saxon Switzerland. If this seems too demanding, take the elevator to the Ostrauer Scheibe and enjoy a phenomenal panoramic view of the Elbe valley from 45 meters of height or from the famous Basteifelsen in Rathen. Another eventful experience is meeting more than 300 domestic animals at the game preserve Moritzburg near the famous Moritzburg Castle, including deer, wolf, lynx and wildcat.

Vitality holidays in Saxony – a new experience and sense of life

A man and a woman on hand bikes at the Elbe river cycle path.

Feel comfortable: Vitality holidays in Saxony comprise exercise in unique nature in combination with a more than 1000-year-old cultural landscape. With Saxon, hearty charm and service, tested hotels, resorts and thermal baths offer the right atmosphere to relax. In the Vogtland lies the tradition-steeped health resort of Bad Elster, one of the oldest mud baths in Germany. Bad Brambach owns the spring with the highest radon content. "Therme Miriquidi" in the thermal bath of Wiesenbad, the biggest curative spring in the Ore Mountains, is famous for its 4 different thermal pools, whereas the "Silber Therme" in Saxony's oldest spa, Warmbad, is known as warmest thermal bath. Perfect relaxation and cure can be found in the state-approved mud bath health resort of Bad Düben.

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