100 years of Bauhaus

100 years ago, Walter Gropius founded the art school Staatliches Bauhaus - or “the Bauhaus”, as it is more commonly known in English - in Weimar, Germany. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in design history, where the aim was to adapt design to human needs rather than the other way around. The ambition was for design to be simple and functional without compromising on appearance. The Bauhaus style is therefore often considered the starting point of modern design. Underpinning the Bauhaus mindset was also a modern and democratic approach to society; design was for everyone rather than a luxury reserved for the higher strata of society. Accordingly, the Bauhaus movement was about more than merely design.

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The Bauhaus trip

If you are selected as one of the lucky winners, you can look forward to an unforgettable trip with four Nordic architecture experts who share your love for the Bauhaus style. With stops at all the Bauhaus cities - Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, where the short-lived school was located - you’ll get to see the mainstays of the Bauhaus movement. You’ll see several of the most well-known buildings, get access to exclusive guided tours and, of course, have time to take the perfect picture. The trip runs from 15-18 September 2019 and includes all costs for transport, food and lodging.

Meet your travel companions

Your travel companions will include famous influencers and photographers within the fields of architecture and design from the entire Nordic region: Mette Willert from Denmark, Kristo Vedenoja from Finland, Melissa Hegge from Norway and Tekla Severin from Sweden.


The Bauhaus Association provides information on places of interest and events across Germany.

Visit exhibitions, events and sights associated with the Bauhaus in Germany's capital, Berlin.

In Saxony-Anhalt, attractions include the Bauhaus building in Dessau, part of a UNESCO World heritage site.

Thuringia is home to the school's birthplace, Weimar, and to many private buildings designed by Bauhaus architects.