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Otto Kahn
Otto Kahn ©Wikipedia (Published by Brentano's, NY, 1922)

    Otto Kahn, Financial Expert

    Born: 1867 | Died: 1934

    Otto Kahn was the son of banker Bernard Kahn and was raised in Mannheim in southwestern Germany. Kahn started to work at a bank at age 17 and studied at the same time music at Karlsruhe University.

    In 1888 he was sent to London to work for Deutsche Bank and became a British citizen before immigrating to the United States in 1893. In New York City he accepted a position at “Speyer & Co.” A few years later he was made partner at “Kuhn, Löb & Co.” where he remained for almost 40 years. One of Kahn's major contributions was the reorganization of six major railroad systems including Union Pacific.

    Still interested in music, Kahn was very active on the board of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. He became a stockholder at the Metropolitan Opera Company in 1903. Kahn also contributed to many cultural and educational institutions and was considered one of the greatest patrons of the arts in the United States. He brought director Giulio Gatti-Casazza and conductor Arturo Toscanini from La Scala Opera in Milan, Italy to the Metropolitan Opera. In 1910 Kahn bought the Manhattan Opera Company from Oscar Hammerstein for almost two million dollars at the peak of its competition with the Metropolitan Opera Company.