Ulm: town hall and astronomical clock
Ulm: town hall and astronomical clock ©Verkehrsamt Ulm

    Albert Einstein Memorial & House, Ulm

    Albert Einstein renounced his German citizenship in 1933, and emigrated to the US where he became Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton.

    Visitors can discover traces of Einstein’s life and work throughout the city of Ulm. Examples include a window of the Ulm Münster, the Einstein Memorial plaque, an Einstein sculpture by Max Bill, and the Einstein House which is home to the Ulm Adult Education Center. Since 1968, a permanent photographic exhibition on the first floor retraces the life of Albert Einstein in a selection of individual photographs. His house of birth was located at the address Bahnhofstrasse 135 (since 1880 Bahnhofstrasse 20). Einstein’s statement about Ulm is often cited. “The city of birth will be as much a unique part of your life as your descent from your mother. We owe part of our being to our city of birth. Therefore I have grateful memories of Ulm as it represents a liaison of refined artistic tradition and simple, healthy character.” Ulm is also involved in the Sister Cities International program with New Ulm in Minnesota.