• Gay Museum
    Gay Museum ©VisitBerlin (Mathesius)


Germany is a collection of 16 regions or Länder, which each has its own distinctive and unique character. Together they collectively offer a diverse range of cultural attractions — with everything from classic to contemporary.

Germany has been called Das Land der Dichter und Denker "the country of poets and philosophers", and has been central to the development of Western thinking and culture for many centuries. This progressive tradition continues to this day — and Germany is proud of the pivotal role that we play globally in shaping the modern world. Great pride is taken in how Germans are early adopters of new technology, and champions of liberal attitudes including social justice issues.

The arts, culture and science are highly-prized in Germany too. Cultural institutions enjoy significant support from the government, and participation, interest, attendance and engagement by the general public remains consistently high. You will also find that modern technology is embraced in Germany too. Sustainability and innovative thinking are a way of life here - just as they have always been.

We are sure that you will enjoy the diversity of our cultural heritage - and be inspired, stimulated and maybe more than a little surprised too at what you find when you next visit.