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Munich and the South

The state of Bavaria in southern Germany is located majestically at the foot of the Alps. This region is steeped in tradition, and is also one of the oldest states in Europe having been ruled by the Dukes and Kings of Bavaria for nearly 800 years until the beginning of the 20th century. Evidence of this regal heritage can be seen in the beautiful architecture of Munich’s city centre, which includes royal palaces, the cathedral and graceful churches, as well as castles and grand avenues. The city is also a home of world class museums, with collections of classic, as well as more contemporary treasures collected from around the world over past centuries.

Munich is also a very modern city — and a major centre for international business, commerce and industry that has been attracted south to Germany’s most prosperous city by the excellent standard of living here. Munich not only ranks consistently highly as one of the world’s most livable cities, but also as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe.

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