Start of Leipzig Music Trail
Start of Leipzig Music Trail ©S. Winter
The Leipzig Music Trail

Leipzig has an unparalleled number of authentic sites associated with the life and work of famous composers. This glorious past has paved the way for a buzzing music scene today. The Leipzig Music Trail aims to bring the city's musical heritage to life.

Along its 5km length, this unique signposted route links the most important historical sites in the city centre. Curved stainless-steel inlays along with information panels lead the way through central Leipzig, revealing its exceptional musical tradition. A total of 155 ribbon-like inlays have been set into the ground to point the way along the trail. Panels, columns and signs at the 23 points on the trail provide a wealth of information.

In line with the project's international reach, information is provided in German and English. There is also a signposted trail with opportunities to experience music (the Leipzig Music Trip) and a cycling route (Leipzig Music Trek).

The music by the famous composers who worked in Leipzig is a cultural treasure of global significance. Leipzig has applied for the European Heritage Label on the basis of nine selected musical sites on the city's 'Music Trail'. The application encompasses places that have played a significant role in European musical history: St. Thomas Church, St. Nicholas Church and School, Bach Archive, Mendelssohn House, the University of Music and Theatre 'Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy', Schumann House, the C.F. Peters publishing house with the Grieg cultural forum, and the Gewandhaus.

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