picturesque palaces and gorgeous gardens

  • Built by Henry the Lion between 1173 and 1195 as a three-aisled vaulted basilica. Henry the Lion chose this church as his tomb, and was buried here in 1195 next to his wife, Matilda. His son Otto IV, a German Kaiser and king, completed the construction of the cathedral.
    Cathedral of Saint Blasius ©Niedersachsen GmbH (TMN)
  • With its Residence Museum, Celle Castle (from 1292) is one of the most beautiful Hanoverian castles in Germany.
    Celle Castle (late summer) ©
  • Facilities at the Princely Equestrian Academy of Bückeburg: The riding master and grooms of the Princely Equestrian Academy present the Baroque equestrian centre at Bückeburg Castle
    Facilities at the Princely Equestrian Academy of Bückeburg © Fürstliche Hofreitschule/Gabrielle Boiselle
  • The Golden Gate probably dates from the seventeenth century It offers a clear a view of the gallery building built between 1694 and 1698 based on master builder Johan Peter Wachter's (from Electoral Palatinate) designs for Elector Ernst August and his wife Electress Sophie.
    Golden Gate © Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH/Hassan Mahramzadeh
  • Partial view of the inner courtyard of the Baroque palace in Osnabrück. Osnabrück Castle was built in 1667-1673 as a fourwing Baroque complex.
    Inner courtyard of the Baroque palace in Osnabrück © Tourismusverband Osnabrücker Land e.V.
  • Fürstenberg renaissance castle and porcellain manufactory upon the river Weser.
    Fürstenberg Courtyard © Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG, Fotograf Krukemeyer
  • King George V gave his wife Marienburg Castle for her 39th birthday in 1857 as a symbol of his abiding love.
    Marienburg Castle near Hanover © Schloss Marienburg, EAC GmbH (SMB)
  • Promenade Norderney. Norderney - the royal isalnd in the North Sea.
    Promenande Norderney © Staatsbad Norderney
  • With "Hanover's Rulers on the British Throne: 1714-1837", Lower Saxony's 2014 State Exhibition is dedicated to the time of the personal union.
    Hanover State Museum © Landesmuseum Hannover
  • Dresden. Pillnitz Palace
    Dresden. Pillnitz Palace © Dresden Marketing
  • North elevation of Sigmaringen Castle, standing majestic on the rock in the centre of Sigmaringen
    North elevation of Sigmaringen Castle © Schloss Sigmaringen
  • Veste Coburg Fortress: the Franconian Crown
    Veste Coburg Fortress: the Franconian Crown © Stadt Coburg
  • Callenberg Castle: Ducal Art Collection & German Shooting Sport Museum
    Callenberg Castle: Ducal Art Collection & German Shooting Sport Museum © Stadt Coburg
  • Ehrenburg Palace: former residence of the dukes of Coburg
    Ehrenburg Palace: former residence of the dukes of Coburg © Stadt Coburg
  • Rosenau Castle: Where Prince Albert was born
    Rosenau Castle: Where Prince Albert was born © Stadt Coburg
  • Island of Reichenau: Church in Mittelzell in the background and Hortulus herbal garden in the front
    Island of Reichenau: Church in Mittelzell & Hortulus herbal garden © Lake Constance Gardens

Royalty all over Lower Saxony

You don’t have to travel far to immerse yourself in a world you had never before imagined even existed. Descendants of German royal families still carry their titles and the country is fascinated by royals, although the German monarchy was dismantled in 1918. Hence it’s no big surprise that you’ll stumble over royal links wherever you go in Germany. You will discover historic footprints all over the country, represented by extensive traces of noble buildings, spectacular manor houses, castles and palaces. Don’t be surprised to meet real princes, dukes and counts and get ready to hold court in Germany’s most opulent landmarks of its royal past.

Outside view of the Palace of Wolfenbüttel

The Palace of Wolfenbüttel

The Palace of Wolfenbüttel was home to the Guelph court for more than 400 years. Today a museum in the castle houses the prestigious state apartments, special exhibitions and offers guided tours through what is a proof of the glamour and riches of the ducal court.

Outside view of Bentheim Castle

Bentheim Castle

Looking back on a history spanning over nearly 1000 years, Castle Bentheim – the largest hilltop castle in northwest Germany – came to the Kingdom of Hanover in the mid-18th century. Explore the castle grounds with its mighty Gunpowder Magazine Tower or enjoy a guided tour at weekends.

Outside view of the Hardenberg Castle Ruins.

Hardenberg Castle Ruins and Castle Park

Towering high above the land, Hardenberg Castle ruins will immediately put you into a fairy-tale setting. Enjoy a guided tour through the ruins in a journey in time or go for a stroll in the romantic Castle Park.

Outside view of Gifhorn Castle with a family in the front looking at brochures. The children are playing with kites.

Gifhorn Castle

Built in Renaissance style in 1525 and official residence of Duke Francis of Brunswick and Luneburg, Gifhorn Castle today features the city’s historical museum as well as the Castle Chapel, one of Germany’s oldest ecclesiastical buildings, especially built for Protestant services.

Outside view of the Imperial Palace Goslar

Imperial Palace Goslar

Having been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1992 together with the old town of Goslar and the Rammelsberg mine, the Imperial Palace is a must-see for every visitor to Goslar. The Palace has been a contemporary witness of German history since 1050 and visitors can learn more interesting facts during hourly tours.

Outside view of Clemenswerth Castle

Clemenswerth Castle

Although its foundation stone was laid 275 years ago Clemenswerth Castle is not yet on the scrap heap. Numerous exhibitions and events make the baroque hunting lodge and its grounds a stunning setting for art and garden lovers as well as for families.

Outside view of Altenkamp Manor with a flower-bed of crocuses in the front.

Altenkamp Manor

Altenkamp Manor, built from 1728 to 1732, awaits its visitors with magnificent frescoes dating back to 1750 and an impressive Baroque pleasure garden including 200 years old taxus (yew) hedges. Today, the refurbished manor house is a cultural centre for renowned historical art exhibitions.

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