Handsome homes for the poor: the Fuggerei
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Visitors' Choice 2017
Fuggerei Augsburg housing project

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Handsome homes for the poor: the Fuggerei

The Fuggerei, the world's first welfare housing project, was founded by the wealthy merchant Jakob Fugger in 1516. Hardworking, honest but poor citizens were taken in and given fully furnished homes that even included cutlery. Featuring eight lanes and three gates, the settlement is known as a 'town within a town' and comprises 67 two-storey houses and 147 apartments, its own church, fountains, town walls and gates, which are still closed every evening at 10pm by the nightwatchman. The annual basic rent for an apartment is, to this day, one Rhenish guilder – a nominal amount equivalent to just 88 euro cents.

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